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Clamps and PEX B

Can I Use Clamps on PEX B?

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is a versatile, reliable, and popular type of tubing for plumbing in today’s world. PEX B (a type of PEX tubing) is known for its flexibility and affordability, making it a popular choice for most plumbing applications. One frequently asked question about PEX B tubing is whether one can clamp or pinch rings on them when creating pipe connections. You can use clamps on PEX B tubing.
Keep reading down to learn about PEX B tubing and how to make connections using clamps.

Understanding PEX B and Clamp/Cinch/Pinch Rings

One of the common tasks in nearly all plumbing projects is making pipe connections using fittings. This also applies to PEX B tubing. Crimping is the most common method to create secure connections when working with PEX pipes. This method requires using a unique tool called PEX B crimping tool like the iCrimp PEX Crimping Tool to secure crimp rings to PEX tubing.
However, clamp or pinch rings are an affordable alternative to PEX crimp rings and are secured through a method called clamping. Clamping is not very much different from crimping. However, you’ll need a special tool called a clamp/cinch tool like the iCrimp ICP-BJ02 PEX Clamp Cinch Tool.

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How to Make PEX Cinch/Clamp Connections (Step by Step)

1- Gather the required materials and tools 

Here are the materials and tools needed to make PEX connections:

  • PEX tubing
  • PEX cinch/clamp rings
  • PEX pipe cutter tool
  • PEX crimp fittings
  • PEX cinch/clamp tool

2- Measure and cut the PEX pipe 

Start by measuring and marking the length of the PEX pipe/tubing needed. Then, use your PEX pipe cutter tool to make a smooth and clean cut.

3- Slide the PEX clamp/cinch ring over the pipe 

Next, slide your PEX clamp/ cinch ring over the PEX pipe on the cut side. However, you must ensure that the cinch clamp rings you use match the size of the PEX tubing.

4- Insert the PEX crimp fitting into the pipe

The next step entails inserting the PEX fitting fully into the PEX pipe from the same end you’ve positioned your clamp ring.

5- Position the PEX cinch/clamp ring properly 

Before making a connection, slide the cinch/clamp ring over the inserted fittings about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the end of the pipe.

6- Pinch the clamp rings

Open the jaws of your PEX cinch/clamp tool. This should be pretty easy, especially when using a cinch tool with a ratchet mechanism like the iCrimp BJOO10C One Hand Ratchet PEX Clamp Tool. Then, position the open jaws over the ear of the cinch/clamp ring and fully close the jaws by squeezing the handles. Only release the handles after they fully close and make a complete connection.

7- Inspect the connection 

The last step entails visually inspecting the PEX cinch/clamp connection you’ve made. Confirm whether the PEX fitting is fully inserted and firmly secured around the tubing. You may also check for visible gaps around the cinch/clamp ring. Generally, ensure your connection meets the industry standards.

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Bottom line

Cinch clamp rings can be used on PEX B tubing to make connections, especially when you don’t have crimp rings. They’re easy to install and remove: all it takes is a PEX clamp tool. It’s also important you always check the manufacturer’s recommendation and adhere to local plumbing regulations.
More importantly, consider choosing a quality and efficient PEX cinch clamp tool. iCrimp is the best platform to purchase these kinds of tools, among other PEX pipe tools, such as crimpers, expansion tools, pipe cutters, and pressing tools. iCrimp’s tools are affordable and ergonomically designed, making them easy to handle. Besides, some are enhanced with advanced mechanisms to allow smooth operation/ efficiency when installing or repairing PEX pipes.


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