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Fast Domestic and Global Shipment
Fast Domestic and Global Shipment
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High-Quality Electrical and Plumbing Tools

iCrimp is a sub-brand of IWISS, a legendary manufacturer of top-notch pipe and cable tools for over a decade with an established retail and wholesale distribution system in the global market. iCrimp is among the most prominent brands predominantly focused on retailing exceptional cable and plumbing tools since 2015. Our determination to offer excellent customer experience has helped us provide adequate inventory and modern logistic system to facilitate fast delivery.

iCrimp Tools

iCrimp’ products have constantly improved over the years to meet critical customer expectations, i.e., high-quality, superb ergonomics, dependability, and service. Consequently, our products have outstanding recognition by professionals and DIY enthusiasts in various industries, from electrical and plumbing to automotive.

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Innovation & Creativity

iCrimp Mission

iCrimp’s mission is to provide durable, reliable, and ergonomic electrical and plumbing tools to help professional tradespersons and individual users achieve efficiency and enjoy their work. With that also comes the need to design user-friendly, safe, and affordable tools that can be used by people of all skill levels globally. Over and above, we want our customers to get better value for their money on our products.

iCrimp Unrivalled Innovations and Creativity

Innovation and creativity are fundamentally integral to iCrimp. Therefore, our team works persistently to develop new and improved solutions that result in the production of outstanding tools in the competitive market. The product design team continually designs versatile tools that work efficiently in different applications.


iCrimp Commitment to Quality

iCrimp believes quality is one of the significant pillars of our success. Therefore, we set high-quality standards that guide our production process. In addition, our quality control team has seasoned professionals who ensure the set standards are met. We put extra effort into sourcing the best raw materials, cutting-edge technologies, and equipment to help us make great tools that meet our clients’ expectations.

iCrimp Consumer-oriented Approach

At iCrimp, we strive to make outstanding electrical and plumbing tools. More importantly, we prioritize our customers’ needs and enhance our relationships. Our customers' insights have been significant in helping us design, improve, and produce tools that match the market’s needs. As a result, a wide range of our customer base likes and enjoys using iCrimp tools. In addition, our support team is always ready and committed to walking with the customer through the journey till their satisfaction is met.

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