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iCrimp IWS-50AP Battery Cable Crimping Tool for Power 50A & 75A Connectors, Anderson SB50 SB120 SB175 Connectors, AWG 8-1/0 Battery Cable Lugs

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About this item

  • Battery Terminal Crimper: IWS-50AP is a versatile ratcheting crimping tool for various copper and aluminum battery cable terminals. Crimp SB series SB50, SB120, SB175 and Power 50A&75A contacts in a single tool. Also crimps AWG 8-1/0 battery cable lugs.
  • Four fixed cavities crimp 8, 6, 4, 1/0 gauge non-insulated battery cable ends, lugs, ring terminals, copper or aluminum connectors onto battery cable or welding cable. 
  • Produces a professional quality and mechanically strong crimp. Ratchet mechanism for ease of operation. Ideal for battery leads and Anderson connector lugs. 13" overall length.
  • Ideal for use in quick plug instances such as trolling motors and various other DC power distribution and battery connections. To create a safe and secure power connection between a caravan or camper and a tow vehicle.
  • Build custom Anderson style plug by yourself!


Battery Lugs, Power SB Connectors

Ratcheting Battery Cable Crimping Tool

Crimp SB50, SB120, SB175 and PP75, PP180 large contacts in a single tool. Use on UPS systems, AC and DC regulated power supply.


Upper Size Crimping


Battery Connectors

Battery Cable Connections

SB connectors are typical electrical connectors in DC power distribution and battery connections. IWS-50AP ratchet crimping tool crimps SB Series SB50, SB120, SB175 and PP75, PP180 large contacts in a single tool.

Battery Cable Connections

Secure Connection

Indent Crimping

Indent Crimping

One of the key advantages of indent crimping is this versatility in the wide range of the conductor types to be processed.

Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals

IWS-50AP crimper is capable of crimping battery cable lugs and AMP connectors up to 1/0AWG.

Fast Crimping



Strip battery cable to certain length



Position battery lug over stripped wire cord



Select proper jaw cavity then crimp on terminals



Solid indent crimp is made

Indent crimping allows multistranded, fine-stranded and ultrafine-stranded conductors to be permanently connected.


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