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iCrimp IWS-50BN Kit Battery Cable Lug Crimping Tool Kit for AWG 8-1/0 Electrical Lug with cable cutter & Stripper

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About this item

  • Battery Cable Lug Crimping tool: IWS-50BN battery cable lug crimping tool is designed to crimp 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 battery cable lugs, making secure connection with cables, electrical appliances, and other power mechanisms in harsh-duty environments.
  • Cable Cutter: Made of chrome vanadium steel with induction-hardened & beveled cutting edges for maximum strength and durability. Shear-type jaw for easily cutting through aluminum and copper cable up to 1/0 AWG.
  • Wire Stripper: ICP-240 larger size cable stripper is designed to remove wire insulation of AWG 12 to 4/0 battery cables, welding cables, stranded cables or solid cables.

Auto, Truck & RV Electrical Wiring

Battery Cable Lug Crimp Tool Kit

Wire crimper, cable cutter and wire stripping tool combo for making custom battery cables of 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 gauge. Ideal for marine, car audio, gold cart and off-grid solar panel grounding wires.

Heavy Duty, Solid

Battery Cable Crimper

Crimps battery terminals, copper lugs, and splices on wire from 8 gauge to 1/0

Precision, One-hand

Cable Cutter

High-leverage cable cutter design for increased cutting capacity up to 2/0 gauge

Radial, Compact

Wire Stripper

Remove wire insulation of AWG 12 to 4/0 battery cables, welding cables, stranded cables

Making Custom Battery Cable



Cut off certain length of stranded battery cable



Peel off wire insulation



Choose proper die set and crimp over battery lugs



Hexagonal crimping result

Precision, Die Code Embossed

Crimping Die Sets

Adjustable crimp dies are clearly marked and easy to rotate into position

Crimping die sets

How To Video

Automotive Electrical Wiring

Making custom battery cable, golf cart cable

Crimp All-in-one Tool

Cable lugs play a crucial role in connecting the battery to the RV's electrical system. They ensure a tight and secure connection between the battery terminals and the cables, reducing the risk of electrical faults and ensuring a steady flow of power to the RV's appliances and systems



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