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Fast Domestic and Global Shipment

iCrimp PEX Clamp Tool Kit for 3/8-in, 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in, PEX Cutter, 1/2-in(20-Pack) & 3/4-in(10-Pack) Clamp Rings Included

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About this item

  • PC-CRP1096 is a versatile PEX clamp tool kit in a handy carrying case. This 33-piece PEX crimping tool set allows to make secure connections to PEX tubing with stainless steel PEX clamp rings in sizes 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 5/8’’, 3/4’’ and 1’’.
  • Patented PEX clamp tool CRP-1096 is highlighted with PEX clamp cinching & removal functions in one tool, allows for the installation of PEX clamp rings onto PEX barb fittings and allows fittings to be re-used.
  • PEX clamp rings included 1/2-in(20-Pack) & 3/4-in(10-Pack) are corrosion-resistant and finished to offer long-lasting strength. For use with brass or poly PEX crimp fittings. NSF certified.
  • PEX tubing cutter cuts through up to 1 inch PEX tubing like butter.
  • Meets ASTM F2098 standard.

Cut, Cinch, Removal

PEX Clamp Cinch & Removal Tool Kit

PC-CRP1096 PEX crimping tool kit is ideal for making stainless steel PEX clamp rings for various uses. All-in-one PEX-B installation tool set with PEX tubing cutter, clamps and cinch clamp tool included.

Meets ASTM F2098 Standard

PEX Crimping System

PC-CRP1096 PEX clamp installation tool kit is a must have tool for new PEX piping systems and remodeling. The patented multi-functional design makes this PEX tool unique.

  • Crimp the stainless steel clamp ring to barb fittings creating a watertight seal.
  • Cut off clamp rings from PEX barb fitting connections to allow fittings to be re-used.
PEX Crimping System

Patented, Multi-functional Design

Clamp Cinching

Clamp Cinching

Mode 1

The tool is factory calibrated and all clamp connections conform to the ASTM F-2098 standard.

Clamp Removal

Clamp Removal

Mode 2

Switch to Mode 2 and cut off PEX clamp ring in seconds, your barded fittings are now ready to be reused.

Clamp & Removal

PEX Clamp Tool

CRP-1096 is a master PEX crimping tool cinches and removes 3/8" to 1" of Cinch Clamps


PEX Tubing Cutter

Cuts through PEX tubing like butter

NSF Approved

PEX Clamp Rings

1/2''(20 Pack) and 3/4''(10 Pack) PEX Clamp Rings. Made from resistant stainless for durability

Faster PEX-B Connections

Pinch Clamp

Pinch Clamp

Choose Mode 1 and cinch PEX clamp by closing handles all the way down



Meets ASTM F-2098 specifications

Remove Clamp

Remove Clamp

Choose Mode 2 and cut off PEX clamp



PEX fitting is now ready for reuse

Get to Know More

Easy PEX Plumbing

How-to-video showing how convinient and how fast CRP-1096 can do when make PEX crimping and decrimping.

Yes, CRP-1096 also crimps hose ear clamps.


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