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iCrimp Battery Cable Terminal Crimper Kit for Crimping 6-50mm² Battery Cable Lugs, c/w Cable Cutter, Cable Stripping Knife

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About this item

  • Battery Cable Lug Crimper: HX-50B battery cable lug crimper is designed to crimp 6-50mm² battery cable lugs, making secure connection with cables, electrical appliances, and other power mechanisms in harsh-duty environments.
  • Hex-Crimp Result: Hexagonal crimping is a strong mechanical connection, creating large area of high pressure contact between cable and connector which in turn results in low resistance and high pull-out values.
  • Cable Cutter: LK-60A cable cutter cuts up to 50mm² stranded wires. Made of chrome vanadium steel with induction-hardened & beveled cutting edges for maximum strength and durability. Shear-type jaw for easily cutting through aluminum and copper cable up to 1/0 AWG. Not for use on steel or ACSR type cable.
  • Cable Stripping Knife: ICP-211 Cable Dismantling Knife with Shoe Guide: Solid, fixed hook blade, sickle shaped. With guide shoe at the blade point. No damage of the conductor insulation. Blade made of stainless steel, vacuum hardened.
  • Applications: Commercial Vehicles include rv, emergency vehicles, generator sets (Gensets), recreational vehicles, trucks, cranes, and lifting equipment.

Battery Cable Crimping Tool

Better electrical tools for heavy duty battery cable lugs

Ideal for solar, wind power, battery systems, golf carts, ATVs or any battery powered vehicle. Make it simple to make faster and safer electrical wiring maintenance.

Battery Cable Terminal Crimping Tool Kit

Cut, Strip, Crimp Tools In One Kit

Having the proper crimper is a must especially when you are dealing with battery lugs. Battery lugs require a higher degree of compression when compared to other types of terminals. The cushioned handle design ensures easy control and handling while the process of changing out dies has been improved as well. This tool is known for being small, lightweight, and easy to handle. Choosing the correct wire crimper for your application is no easy task.



6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50mm²

The finished crimp takes the form of the hex-crimp tooling


Up to 70mm²(2/0AWG)

Shear-type jaw for easily cutting through aluminum and copper cable up to 2/0 AWG.


Cuts through the insulation around the circumference with the very sharp blade.


Philips & Slotted Bits

Interchangeable blade for fast and easy switch out; comfortable cushion-grip handle.

Making Battery Cable Terminal Connections

Battery Cable Terminal Lug

Battery Cable Terminal Lug

Use of cable lugs allows in easy installation, repair and maintenance of solar battery pack and automotive electrical system of RVs, trailers and trucks.

Hexagonal Crimping Profile

Hexagonal Crimping Profile

Hex crimping is the most frequent type of crimping for heavy duty lugs, making solid connection and stable output.

How to Crimp Battery Cable Lugs

Cut Cable

Cut Cable

Cut off certain length of battery cable.

Select Die Set

Select Die Set

Choose from spring loaded crimp dies based on battery cable size and ring terminal size.



Crimp non-insulated cable lug onto battery cable.



Six serrated crimped terminal is ready for use.


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