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iCrimp Bench Swaging Tool for Crimping Aluminum Wire Rope End Sleeve, Duplex, Oval Sleeves,3/64 to 1/8-inch (Bench Mounted Crimper)

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About this item

  • Durability-It is perfect for the repetitive task of crimping high volumes of line. A great amount of swaging is easily accomplished by this steel constructed design set on a wooden base, for ease of mounting.
  • Easy Operation-Engineered for excellent leverage, this well designed tool is built to last. Provides precision crimping with one handed operation and minimum effort. Great for fishermen who are assembling many uniform leaders and rigs.
  • Toggle Action-Pre-set tension, adjustable, double action. Great for crimping large, bulky rigs.
  • Crimp Result-Jaws are made of forged alloy steel with heat treatment which assures a tight and clean compression on each crimping.
  • Caution-It works with 3/64'' up to 1/8'' wire ropes, don't use this hand swager on coated wire rope, remove the coating before put stopping onto the cable.


  • Precision machined, light-weight carbon steel base
  • High carbon, heat-treated jaws for durability
  • Buffed nest cavities resist sleeve sticking
  • Perfect for table top or field operation
  • Cushioned and anti-slip grip is excellent in wet conditions

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Wire Rope Ferrule Swage Tool

Wire Rope Ferrule

Wire rope is often used when something needs strong support or restraint, therefore proper fastening techniques must also be employed to ensure the assembly doesn't fail under load. Installing a ferrule and end stop, using a process called swaging, is one of the best methods to accomplish this task for light duty projects.


Jaw Configuration

Hole No.mminch

Wire Rope Diameter


Cable Barrier


Winch Hook


Anchor Shackle

IWS-1608DTS Bench Mounted Crimper for Wire Rope

  • Get your hands on this multi function bench swage tool for steel wire rope.
  • Easily crimp 3/64'', 1/16'', 5/64'', 2/32'', 7/64'', 1/8'' steel wire rope ferrules and end stops with this bench mounted tool.
  • Mount this tool to your bench with the 4 pre drilled holes in the base.
  • Drop forged alloy steel head offers maximum swaging capabilities on aluminium, copper or stainless steel wire rope ferrules and end stops. One handed operation makes fabricating your steel wire rope easy.


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