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Fast Domestic and Global Shipment

iCrimp PEX Expansion Tool Kit with 3/8,1/2&3/4,1-inch Auto Rotation Expansion Heads, Expansion Ring Removal Tool for PowerPEX PEX Fittings

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About this item

  • KIT-1960D PEX-a Expansion Tool Kit includes 1 x Expander Tool, 3 x Expansion Heads, 1 x PEX Pipe Cutter, 1 x Expansion Sleeve Removal Tool, 1 x Lubricant, 1 x Carrying Case. Compatible with all F1960 PEX Expansion Systems. For use with Uponor Wirsbo ProPEX, PowerPEX tube and fittings.
  • Ratcheting mechanism enables PEX Expander Tool auto rotate capability for even expansion. Users can simply hold the tubing and tool in place while separating and closing the handles to expand the tubing. 
  • Expansion Heads are precision engineered for accurate expansion of PEX-a tubing for ProPEX expansion fittings. Expansion heads sized 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch & 3/4 inch(Dual Head), 1 inch have color coded rings for easy size recognition add convenience.
  • ICP-CT03 Expansion Sleeve Removal Tool is specifically designed to remove plastic expansion rings and PEX-a tubings from brass PEX fittings in the event of a mistake or need for a modification.
  • ICP-CT01 tubing cutter is an easy to use, great value plastic pipe cutting tool to cuts through 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 5/8’’, 3/4’’ and 1’’ PEX pipes. Ideal for cutting PEX, PE-RT, PVC pipes and other thin walled plastic tubings.

Tool Review

How to use PEX expansion tool kit

Light weight

Manual Expander

Compatible with F1960 PEX expansion system, fast and easy to install with ergonomic leverage design

Precise processed

Expansion Head

Features auto-rotation, ensures no deep grooves on the interior of the pipe which leads to leak

Compact, sharp

Pex Cutter

Makes its cuts with a quick rotation, provides correct cutting pressure for a square cut.


Removal Tool

Design to remove expansion rings and PEX-A pipes from F1960 brass fittings, no heating gun required.

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Auto Rotate

Create even smooth expansion

Quick Operation Demonstration

Cut the PEX tubing to length


Cut the PEX tubing to length, ensuring a square, burr-free cut.

Remove the expansion ring and PEX tubing

Remove (if needed)

Remove the expansion ring and PEX tubing, get a undamaged brass fitting.

Squeeze handles to expand the expansion ring and tubing


Squeeze handles to expand the expansion ring and tubing. Make sure to open and squeeze handles fully to achieve auto-rotation. Repeat 3 times.

Insert fitting into expanded pipe and ring


Insert fitting into expanded pipe and ring. Hold fitting in place until pipe/ring memory constrict annularly around the fitting.

PEX-A Expansion

PEX expansion conforms to the ASTM F1960 standard specification. It offers the greatest flow and system performance. Additionally, it eliminates the need for Go/No-go gauges as well as tool calibration. If the end of the pipe and ring are touching the shoulder of the fitting, the connection is good. The expansion method is approved for installation behind walls, in soil and also in concrete. This is the only PEX fitting system that can be buried in concrete.

PEX-A Expansion


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