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iCrimp Quick Change Ratcheting Crimper Tool Kit, Automotive Service Kit, Crimping IWS4 Connector, Insulated & Non-insulated Terminal, Dupont Connector

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About this item

  • Purpose: SN-PM is an all-in-one wire terminal crimping tool set which includes an SN series compact crimper, 5 quick changing die sets, one wire stripper as well as a carrying case
  • 5 Pieces Die Sets: SN-PM wire crimper tool kit includes 5 quick changing die sets work with heat shrink, insulated nylon/vinyl terminals, open barrel/stamped terminals, wire ferrules, non-insulated connectors, IWS4 solar terminal
  • Wire Stripper: Ideal for copper and aluminum cables from 10-22 AWG. Multifunctional stripper & cutter. Built in shear cutter cuts solid or stranded wire with ease. Easy to use - yields clean, nick-free results every time
  • Applications: Wire crimping tool set(7 pieces) ideal for electrical wiring projects in DIY, electronics, RV refit, RC race car, automotive audio, motorcycle maintenance, off grid, etc
  • Compact Storage: Crimping tools are steel construction with comfortable cushioned grip handles. Supplied in a durable, plastic molded storage case

Heat Shrink, Ferrules, Lugs, Solar MC4

SN-QC Quick Change Wire Crimping Tool Set

Versatile wire crimping tool for Insulated, Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated Terminals, Battery Cable Terminal Lugs, Solar MC4 Connectors, Wire Ferrules.

Compact, Lightweight

Quick Change Crimper

Compound lever-action of narrow-span handles puts more crimping power into each squeeze.

For Automotive Terminals

Quick Changing Dies

High quality & precision die sets processed thru powder metallurgy.

Smooth Cutting, Stripping

Wire Stripping Tool / Wire Cutter

Strips and cuts 10-22 AWG.

Compact & Solid Wire Crimping Tool


Quick Change Die Sets

Change crimping jaws in seconds. Interchangeable high-precision crimping die sets.

Ratcheting Crimper Tool

Ratcheting Crimper Tool

Precisely calibrated hand crimper tool delivers proper crimps for any terminal type and size.

Universal Crimp Jaws

Universal crimp jaws

Automotive Terminals

Automotive terminals

SN-QC Quick Change Wire Crimping Tool Kit

iCrimp 7 Pieces Wire Crimping Tool Kit includes 5 pieces interchangeable & quick change crimping dies, 1 piece wire crimper, 1 piece wire stripping and cutting tool. All tools come in a convenient briefcase for easy access and storage.
SN-QC is a wire crimping tool kit features with very easy and quick change of crimp profiles. No additional tools required. Changing the crimping die takes just a few seconds and interchangeable profiles are securely held in the tool. Ideal for making solder-free electrical connections. One tool, several applications, a great deal of comfort and constant precision.

QuantityQuick Changing Terminal Types
7 Pieces Yes Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated, Open-Barrel, Ferrule, Solar MC4, Cable Lugs


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