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Copper press fittings

Are Copper Press Fittings Reliable?

Making reliable connections in plumbing and HVAC projects or repairs is critical. For a long time, professionals in the above industries have relied on soldering to complete connections since it has been a common method. However, things have gradually shifted as more tradespeople adopt press fittings, which are connected through crimping.

What are Copper Press Fittings?

Copper press fittings are a type of plumbing component made of high-quality copper. They are often used to connect copper pipes together without using conventional brazing or soldering methods. Usually, they come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different pipes. Also, they are designed with a sealing element that compresses around the pipe to prevent leaks.
Installing copper fittings also requires a unique tool called a copper press tool. The tool features jaws designed to fit certain sizes of copper press fittings and requires force to compress a fitting to create a secure and leak-free joint. The iCrimp IWS-1632FAFS Copper Pipe Pressing Tool is an ideal example of a copper press tool.

However, you can also use a hydraulic copper press tool.
Are copper press fittings reliable? Overall, copper press fittings make reliable connections, especially when installed properly using the right tools. For this reason, they are a choice for many in various applications involving copper pipes.

Why Copper Press Fittings are a Trusted Choice for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

A.  Durability 

Copper press fittings are made of copper material, and it’s known to be incredibly durable. They’re corrosion-resistant, making them last longer (up to several decades) than their alternatives. In addition, copper press fittings have a robust construction that can withstand high heat and physical stress. As a result, copper press fittings are suitable for most plumbing applications, even where mechanical stress is involved.

B. Easy to install

Copper press fittings are easier to install than other types of fittings installed using traditional methods like soldering. To install copper press fittings, you only need a copper press tool with a jaw matching the size of the press fitting. The best part is that pressing doesn’t require one to be an expert (it’s beginner-friendly) because using a copper press tool is straightforward. Above all, the installation process is pretty quick, thus saving you time and labor costs.

C. Secure and leak-free joints 

One thing that makes copper press fittings so reliable is their ability to create secure and leak-free joints/connections, which is a crucial requirement in plumbing applications. As long as you follow all the necessary guidelines, make strong and tight-press connections that will withstand different types of stress for a long time.

D. Safer to use 

In terms of safety, copper press fittings are safer than press fittings. Installing press fittings requires no fires or heat (like is the case with soldering); thus, no open flame permits are required. In addition, no fumes are emitted, which makes it much safer to work in enclosed spaces without respirators. Overall, working with copper press fittings reduces the risk of work injury.

E. Cost-effective

Copper press fittings are a bit more costly than standard fittings, but they’re a cheaper option in the long run than other types of fittings. First, installing press fittings is cheaper due to the fast installation, which ultimately saves labor costs, especially for large projects. Secondly, installing copper press fittings doesn’t require additional materials like solder and flux; it only requires a press tool. A single press tool with an interchangeable set of dies can consistently press fittings of different sizes. As you can tell, using copper press fittings is more cost-effective.


In brief, copper press fittings are undoubtedly reliable and ideal for most plumbing needs. They’re versatile, durable, safe, easy to install, and cost-effective. It explains why they’re a preferred choice by professionals and “DIYers” in most plumbing applications.
Are you looking forward to a piping/plumbing project? iCrimp has all the tools to help you install copper press fittings, including copper press tools, deburring tools, and copper pipe cutters.


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