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How Reliable is Propress?

Over the years, professionals have always prioritized precision, reliability, and quality when making pipe connections. As a result, any advancement in the industry that could offer such requirements is highly prioritized. Propress is one of the advancements that stands out in plumbing and HVAC systems, and it's among the most preferred connection methods, especially when working with copper pipes. Generally, it has become an ideal alternative to traditional connection methods such as soldering.
One commonly asked question about Propress technology is about its reliability. Keep reading as we explore more and find answers to the above questions.

Understanding Propress System

As outlined above, this is one of the go-to pipe connection methods in today's world. It utilizes a type of fitting called press fittings (also called Propresss fittings) and is designed with EPDM rings (O-rings) that help prevent leaks in a joint. Propress fittings are often made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion-resistant.
To install press fittings, you'll need a unique tool called a Propress tool. An example is the iCrimp KIT-1632HY Hydraulic Copper Tubing Press Tool. This tool helps crimp/press the sleeves of fittings onto the pipe to create a secure and leak-free joint.

Why Propress is Reliable?

1. Consistent results

Propress is known for its high level of consistency, which helps create high-quality and reliable pipe connections. The propress technique is highly standardized. Therefore, each connection is made with precision and uniformity, minimizing the likelihood of leaky joints across a plumbing system. Propress tools are well calibrated in such a way that they apply uniform pressure, ensuring each fitting is installed with a similar level of precision. Also, Propress fittings are designed to match pipes to certain specifications, which helps create a reliable mechanical joint.

2. Durable fittings and connections 

Propress fittings are mainly made of copper or stainless steel; these materials are corrosion-resistant and are known to last for a long (over 25 years). Also, Propress fittings are designed to withstand high temperatures, vibrations, and pressure often encountered in plumbing systems. Overall, it helps achieve long-term durability. With proper installation, you're guaranteed reliable connections in your plumbing system.

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3. Convenient installation

Convenience is another factor that makes Propress a reliable method of joining pipes. To start with, using a Propress tool is pretty easy compared to conventional methods such as soldering: it's user-friendly and requires minimal training to operate efficiently. This also reduces the likelihood of errors during installation. Finally, making Propress a connection takes a very short time, making it a reliable option when undertaking large projects and ultimately reducing labor costs.

4. Versatility

Another thing that enhances Propress's reliability is its versatility. With this technology, you can work on pipes made of different materials (copper, stainless steel, and PEX tubing), thus making it a reliable solution for a wide range of plumbing applications. A proper pressing tool for that particular tubing is all that is required to make a tight secure and durable connection.

Final Thought

Propress is a reliable way to make secure and tight pipe joints. It doesn't require a high level of skills and takes a short time to complete a joint. The fittings are also pretty durable. Above all, Propress is versatile and works on a variety of pipe materials.
However, to make high-quality joints and achieve consistent results using Propress, you must have quality Propress tools and fittings. iCrimp offers a variety of high-quality ergonomic Propress tools for PEX and copper pipes. In general, iCrimp's tools are designed to simplify your job and achieve efficiency in your plumbing needs.


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