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Features That the Best Crimping Tools Have

Working on electrical wires without the right tools can be intimidating. Tasks such as connecting wires to terminals or making cable connections require using unique tools such as crimping tools, wire cutters and strippers to get the best results. Not having the right tools will only leave you frustrated and unable to complete a project successfully.
For instance, the key purpose of a crimping tool is to create secure wire connections. Currently, there’s a variety of crimping tools in the market. However, it’s vital that you choose the right tool with the best features possible to create quality crimping joints. Are you wondering what to look for when choosing a crimping tool? Keep reading down here as we explore the best features.

5 Features the Best Crimping Tools Have

1. An ergonomic design

The best crimping tools are ergonomically designed to enable you to use them more efficiently and safely. First, the handles are designed so your hands get a good grip to hold the tool securely. The handles also have a thick padding of a rubber-like or plastic material that improves your grip and prevents slipping when using this tool. The handles are also often grooved to enhance stability when crimping.
The jaw opening also tends to be wide enough, providing enough clearance to insert or remove terminals when crimping wires. Above all, the best crimping tools (particularly handheld) are also lightweight, making them convenient to carry.
The iCrimp Heat Shrink Connectors Crimping Tool is among the best crimping tools with an excellent ergonomic design. It has grooved, non-slip nylon handles and wide-opening and well-polished forged jaws.

2. Easy to use/user-friendly 

The best crimping tools are user-friendly and easy to operate. Thanks to their ergonomic designs, as discussed above. As a result, users experience less stress when using the tool, and overall they achieve more efficiency in their work.
In addition, handheld crimping tools are easy to use even in tight spaces.

3. Versatility 

Another feature of the best crimping tools is versatility. Generally, these tools can be used for different purposes.
To start with, the best crimping tool supports wires of different sizes. This is essential since you’ll likely encounter wires and terminals of different sizes while undertaking a project. Therefore, it eliminates the need for multiple crimping tools.
Another aspect of the best crimping tools is that they offer various crimping cavities/slots, thus allowing high flexibility when crimping. Also, the best crimping tools come with interchangeable dies, increasing the number of crimping cavities. For instance, the iCrimp IWS-30J Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool Kit is among the versatile crimping tools and comes with five interchangeable dies (A30J, A35WF, A26TW, A10, and A03BC dies).

4. High build quality 

The best crimping tools are of high-quality build (often made of hardened steel) to enable them to withstand the force while crimping and last longer. Therefore, they’re for light-duty and heavy-duty crimping tasks.
They also come with an outer coat (like black oxide) that helps protect the crimping tool from rust and corrosion.

5. A great ratcheting mechanism 

The best crimping tools are designed with a ratchet mechanism that ensures complete crimp cycles when crimping. It simply means that the ratchet won’t release the connector until it’s entirely crimped according to the tool’s specifications. After a complete cycle, the handle releases automatically. Above all, you get uniform and consistent crimps. For example, the iCrimp AP-50BI Battery Cable Ring Terminal Crimper’s ratchet mechanism assures a user of a full-cycle crimp before releasing the handle.

Bottom line

If you are looking to choose the best crimping tools, above are some features you ought to look out for besides affordability. Suppose you’re on a hunt for quality crimping tools that are ergonomically designed, user-friendly, versatile and have a superb ratcheting system. In that case, iCrimp has a wide range of such crimping tools. The overall build quality of iCrimp crimping tools is excellent and reasonably priced.






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