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Deutsch crimping tool

How Can I Use a Deutsch Crimping Tool?

Deutsch connections are not new and have been known to be reliable in various electrical applications. Deutsch connectors are environmentally sealed, robust, and waterproof, commonly used in the automotive industry and industrial applications.
Usually, they’re designed for cable-to-cable, cable-to-board, or cable-to-device connections. They consist of the male (it has a solid pin as the center conductor) and female (it has a hole/socket) terminals. Different types of Deutsch connectors exist, but the most popular version is the DT series (open/stamped barrel and solid/closed barrels).
Despite Deutsch connectors being common, they’re also unique; thus, it requires specific tools to make secure Deutsch crimp connections. It’s called a Deutsch crimping tool. Above all, knowing how to use the tool is important, and that’s what this guide explains.

Tools and Materials Needed

1. Deutsch connectors: Choose the right Deutsch connectors series that matches your application and wire gauge. Check out the IWISS-191 Deutsch DT connector Kit

2. Deutsch pins/sockets: They should match the connector you’ll use. 

3. Deutsch crimping tool: Choose the right crimping tools that match the types of Deutsch connectors you’ll be crimping. Crimping closed barrel terminals requires a different tool from what is used to crimp open barrel terminals. The iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit has tools for both open and closed barrels.

4. A pair of wire strippers: It’s needed to remove wire insulation properly. 

5. A wire cutter: it’s what you use to cut the wire after measuring the required length. 

6. A wire(s)

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Deutsch Crimping Tool

A. Preparation 

The first step is preparation, which entails ensuring you’ve all the above-listed tools and materials. It also involves measuring the required wire length, cutting, and stripping it. Note that it’s recommended you strip only ¼ inch of the insulation on the end of the wire.

B. Insert the wire into Deutsch the pin/socket (terminal)

The next step is inserting your stripped wire into the Deutsch terminal and ensuring no wire strands are popping out of the terminal. Also, it’s essential you leave just a little gap between the connector and the wire insulation.

C. Place the terminal onto the jaws of the crimping tool

Take the above assembly (terminal and the wire) and position it onto the jaws of your Deutsch crimper. The terminal ought to be well aligned with the jaw cavity. More importantly, ensure you’re using the proper jaws (they should match the size of the terminal you want to crimp). Luckily, some Deutsch crimping tools are adjustable and come with interchangeable dies for various gauges.

D. Crimp the terminal

If the terminal is properly positioned, you can then proceed to crimp it. It requires you to squeeze the handles of your crimping tool firmly until it releases. When crimping an open barrel terminal, the crimping (B-crimp) is also done on the insulation; therefore, consider getting one that offers an insulation crimping feature.

This video shows how to crimp closed barrel Deutsch terminal.

This video shows how to crimp open barrel Deutsch terminal.

E. Inspect the crimp connection 

Once you’ve crimped the terminal, inspect the quality of the connection. A proper crimp joint should be secure, and there shouldn’t be any damage to the wire or terminal. You can also use a multimeter to verify the crimp joint is functional.

F. Repeat the Step A to E for other wires

Depending on the types of Deutsch connector you’re working with and their number of pin configurations, you’ll have to crimp several terminals before assembling the entire connector. 

G. Assemble the connectors 

Usually, one connector should house the pin terminals while the other houses the socket terminals.

Bottom line

As you can see from the above guide, assembling a Deutsch connector is a simple process when you have a Deutsch crimping tool and you know how to use it properly. For this reason, iCrimp offers the best Deutsch crimping tools for both solid and stamped contacts suitable for various terminal sizes.


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