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Replacing the Plumbing

How Do I Know If My Plumbing Needs Replacing?

Often, when you're in a relatively new home, you may hardly experience major plumbing problems, and the minor ones that occur, you can conveniently do some repairs to fix them. However, your plumbing system may deteriorate over time, causing significant plumbing issues that compromise your home's functionality, safety, and comfort. After all, plumbing isn't meant to last forever. In such a situation, you'll require a replacement of your plumbing system.
This article will explore common warning signs that it's time to call a professional plumber to upgrade/ replace your plumbing system.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Plumbing

1. Frequent and Persistent Leaks

Minor leaks can always be repaired. However, if you are experiencing frequent faucet and pipe leaks and are constantly doing repairs of the same, it's a clear sign you need to replace your plumbing system. It indicates that your pipes and faucets are severely damaged, worn out, or corroded (especially old galvanized steel pipes). A plumbing replacement is the most effective and ideal way to fix such a problem.
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2. Low water pressure 

Sometimes, issues with the main water system within your area can cause a decreased water pressure in your home. However, if this issue only occurs within your home and is consistent, the problem could be your piping system. This could indicate plumbing issues such as corroded/damaged pipes, build-up in the pipes (causing clogging), or hidden leaks. With low water pressure, it can be challenging to perform everyday tasks that require water, such as doing laundry, washing dishes, showering, etc.
Replacing your plumbing pipes could help you solve the problem and restore proper water pressure in your home.

3. Cracks on pipes 

Cracks on pipes are not hard to spot since you can easily see water coming out of the crack as it flows through your plumbing system. Often, pipe cracks result from irregular maintenance, regular wear & tear, improper installation, and age-related damages.
While you can easily repair tiny cracks with silicone tape, a gasket & hose clamp, or epoxy putty, large and numerous cracks require a replacement of the plumbing pipes. A new plumbing system is a long-term solution.
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4. Rusty/ discolored water 

Usually, water from your kitchen faucet shower, among other faucets, should come out crystal clear. However, you may notice a change whereby water appears discolored (yellowish/brownish) or rusty. You might also see some kind of sediment in the water. In some situations, you could notice the water color is black, indicating some type of growth in the pipes, or green, which shows algae in the water.
If this is not a temporary problem with your water supplier, then it's a sign your plumbing pipes have an issue (higher chances of corrosion, particularly in metal pipes). One effective way to address this challenge is by considering a replacement of affected sections or the entire plumbing system to ensure you've clean and safe drinking water in your home.

5. Frequent plumbing backups 

 Frequent plumbing backups are another sign that you need to replace your plumbing. Often, backups result from clogs/blockages in the drain pipes; thus, wastewater can hardly flow freely. Suppose this is a plumbing problem you experience frequently. In that case, it's a sign of deteriorating pipes, and a replacement is an ideal solution, especially when plungers and drain chemicals are not helping. 

Bottom line

While the age of the plumbing system determines the time to do a replacement, other signals, such as consistent leaks, cracked pipes, and frequent backups, suggest you consider replacing your plumbing. It can significantly help you reduce the risk of water damage in your home.
You can hire a professional plumber to replace the plumbing or do it yourself if you have the necessary skills and tools. Crimping tools are among the useful tools you need in addition to other materials, especially when working with copper or PEX tubing. iCrimp is the best platform to purchase a wide range of cutting-edge plumbing tools. Our tools are affordable, high quality, and designed to make plumbing work more efficient and effective.


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