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What is the Best PEX Connection Method?

PEX pipes have become a choice for many people in the plumbing industry. They’re lightweight, durable, flexible, corrosion resistant, and easy to install compared to other alternatives like copper pipes. Above all, there are various ways of making connections when installing PEX pipes. They include: crimping, clamping, expansion, compression, and push fittings. However, not all are suitable in terms of effectiveness, cost, and ease of installation. Let’s look into the best method for making PEX pipe connections.

Is Crimping the Best PEX Connection Method?

Yes, crimping is the best connection method used with PEX installation. It’s also the most common method. To start with, let’s look into what it involves before exploring why it’s the best option.
Making a PEX crimp connection is super easy. You only need PEX pipes, a crimp ring, a crimp fitting, and a PEX crimping tool. Here is a simple and brief step-by-step process of making a PEX crimp connection:

A. First, ensure you have a smooth and even end of a pipe. If not, consider using a PEX pipe cutter that suits your pipe size to cut off the uneven end of the tubing. 

B. Slide your crimp ring into the PEX pipe. 

C. Then slide in your preferred fitting into the PEX pipe. 

D. Now slide back your crimp ring about 1/8 inch away from your fitting. 

E. Finally, place your crimping tool (like the IWS-1234PS PEX crimping Tool) on the crimping ring and apply force until you hear a clicking sound. You can read more on how to use a crimp tool. 

F. You can then use a Go/No-Go gauge to verify whether your connection is crimped properly by placing it over the crimp ring. If the gauge goes all through the crimped ring, it shows your connection is good. 

Why Crimping is the Best PEX Connection Method

1. It’s an inexpensive method of connection

Crimp rings (particularly copper rings) and fittings are inexpensive compared to other connection methods.

2. Easy and fast to install 

Making crimp connections on PEX piping is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes, especially when you have the proper tools. It’s also easy to install crimp fittings on bent PEX tubing and still create secure connections.

3. High-quality and durable connections 

PEX crimp connections tend to be of higher quality than other methods like expansion connections. Therefore, you can hardly experience leakages which could often contribute to premature corrosion on the connections. Additionally, PEX crimp connections can last for years: most crimp fittings are resistant to chemicals in corrosive and aggressive water conditions.

4. Crimping tools and fittings are readily available 

The chances of finding crimp fittings and crimping tools in your local or online plumbing store are high. They’re a lot more available and at affordable prices.

5. Versatility

PEX crimp fittings come in different styles and sizes, thus making them suitable for a wide range of applications/configuration needs. Also, PEX crimp connections work well on different types of PEX pipes. Above all, a single PEX crimping tool with interchangeable jaws is sufficient for crimping PEX pipes of different sizes.

Bottom line

Crimping is the best method of making a PEX connection; it only requires a PEX crimping tool and fittings with crimp rings. As outlined above, making durable and secure PEX crimp connections is inexpensive. It’s also applicable in a variety of PEX pipes.
Above all, PEX crimp tools and fittings are affordable and easy to use. iCrimp is one of the platforms where you can get a variety of PEX crimping tools and fittings at reasonable prices.





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