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Copper Pipe Press Tool

iCrimp Copper Pipe Press Tool Review

What was your experience making copper pipe connections? Often, there are a lot of things to consider during this process, from what tool to use to working spaces to ease of making the connections. For most professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts, the method of making copper pipe connections matters. Soldering has been the conventional method for a long time. Still, things have gradually changed as more people embrace more efficient, simpler, and faster connection methods such as crimping and pressing. The iCrimp IWS-1632AF Copper Pipe Press Tool stands as the ideal tool that you can depend on when making pipe connections.
What does this innovative tool have to offer? What makes it an excellent choice for plumbing work? Let’s explore this tool more in this review.

What are the Outstanding Features of the iCrimp Copper Pipe Press Tool?

1. Interchangeable dies

The iCrimp 1632AF Pipe Pressing Tool comes with 3 die sets made of high-quality steel and can easily be interchanged within seconds when using the tool. The three dies are reliable for pressing/crimping 1/2, 3/4, and 1-inch copper tubing. Also, the dies are well-polished and forged to press fittings without causing scratches.

2. Ergonomic handles 

This tool features ergonomically designed handles that are enhanced with slip-proof rubber. As a result, using this tool is effortless, and you get a firm grip. Another great part about the iCrimp 1632AF Pipe Pressing Tool’s handles is that it adopts a telescopic design (they stretch outwards and inwards), which helps to use less labor when pressing.

3. 360 degrees rotary press head 

The iCrimp 1632AF Pipe Pressing Tool’s 360-degree rotary head enables you to make reliable press connections even in narrow spaces.

4. Automatic locking for press tong

The tong on the pressing head of this tool features an automatic locking function, which makes it super easy to open and close when positioning pipe fittings for crimping/pressing.

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Why Should You Choose the iCrimp Copper Pipe Press Tool?

1. User-friendly 

As outlined above, the iCrimp 1632AF Copper Pipe Pressing Tool is enhanced with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use the tool when making press connections. Also, the ratcheting mechanism and automated locking feature make the overall pressing process quite seamless. The rotating head is also a plus when working in tight spaces. Lastly, extendable handles allow a user to apply pressure properly when crimping.

2. Versatility 

You can work on copper pipes of different sizes using the iCrimp 1632AF Pipe Pressing Tool, which is a versatile tool for your plumbing work. Thanks to its 3 sets of interchangeable pressing dies.

3. Reliability 

All parts of this tool are made of high-quality materials, which makes it quite durable. For this reason, it’s a tool you can depend on even when handling wet jobs without worrying about its durability. Also, the entire tool, especially the jaws, are forged to help you make quality press connections that are air-tight and leak-free.

4. Portability 

The iCrimp 1632AF Copper Pipe Pressing Tool is lightweight and not large, making it quite portable. The tool measures about 20 inches in length, which can fit in a medium-sized tool bag.

5. Value for money 

Apart from the efficiency and reliability this tool has to offer to users, there are more benefits. The fact that it’s a user-friendly tool helps you save time and labor when making press connections. Lastly, its versatility eliminates the need to buy different pressing tools for each pipe size you are working on.

Final Thought

The iCrimp 1632AF Copper Pipe Pressing Tool is one of the best plumbing tools for professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts on the market. It features an ergonomic design, and its build quality is top-notch. Above all, it’s a tool you can depend on to make reliable press connections for your water plumbing system or HVAC systems involving copper pipes.


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