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iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit Review

Having proper and reliable electrical crimp connections is essential for optimal performance, especially in the automotive industry. That calls for precision and the use of proper tools when creating crimp connections: these are two significant factors that make all the difference. If you’re using closed and open-barrel Deutsch connectors, then the iCrimp KT-DC01 Crimping Tool Kit is worth a try and may exceed your expectations when creating crimp connections.
Let’s understand what various professionals and DIY enthusiasts say about this crimping tool kit and why you should consider it.

What does the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit Entail?

The iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit is versatile and designed to work on pin and depin automotive electrical connectors. This tool kit features a wide range of tools that are required when working with Deutsch, Molex, and Weather Pack connectors. They include:

1. Open Barrel Crimping Tool

It’s used to crimp Deutsch stampled and form contact of 24 to 14 gauge among other open barrel terminals. It forms an O-profile crimp and has a crimping cavity for the insulation tab.

2. Weather Pack Crimping Tool

This tool is similar to the above: it crimps open barrel terminals. However, it features B-profile crimping cavities for crimp conductors of 18 to 14 gauge and 24 to 20 gauge.

3. Closed Barrel Crimpers

this kit has three different crimping tools (IWD-12, IWD-16 & IWD-20) to crimp solid contacts for DT and DTM connectors. These crimpers also feature a smooth ratchet and spring-loaded mechanism, making crimping easy. Lastly, each of the three crimpers comes with a 7-mode push gear to adjust the crimping force.

4. Removal Tools

These help you remove wedge locks and contacts for DT, DTM, DTV, DRB, and DRCP connectors.

5. Extraction Tool

It’s used to remove Deutsch contacts and Weather Pack terminals without any damage.

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Why Should You Choose the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit?

1. Versatility

This kit has different crimping tools to help make crimp connections using various Deutsch connectors, including DT, DTM, and DTP connectors. It also comes with extraction and removal tools, which are essential when working with Deutsch connectors. With this alone, you can make different Deutsch crimp connections, thus eliminating the need for additional tools. Above all, the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit features a compact design, which makes it easy to carry and store.

2. Ease of use

All iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit tools are user-friendly and enhanced with significant mechanisms that make crimping seamless. It is also worth noting that the crimpers’ cavities have markings indicating the gauge of the connectors each cavity crimps. Overall, even new users can use the tools in this kit quite effortlessly and create quality crimp connections.

3. Great precision in crimping 

All the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit tools are well-designed and calibrated, allowing you to make quality and solid crimp connections consistently. Besides, the cavities of the crimping tools are well-designed to avoid over-crimping or damaging Deutsch connectors. Everything considered, this kit offers great performance when it comes to making Deutsch crimp connections.

4. Outstanding design and build quality 

Tools in the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit feature great designs (especially on the handles) that enhance practicality when creating crimp connections. Also, these tools are built from high-quality materials; they last longer and are quite reliable. Lastly, the casing of the kit itself is sturdy, allowing you to store and carry the tools in different environments.

5. Value for money 

This kit comes with over 6 tools at a relatively fair price, which is cheaper than buying each tool separately. Lastly, the tools in this kit allow you to crimp various types of Deutsch connectors of different sizes without needing additional tools.

Watch the video: How to use the iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit

Final Thought

The iCrimp Deutsch Connector Crimping Tool Kit is outstanding, making it a great choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts in the automotive industry, among other related fields. All the tools with it are reliable, ergonomically designed, and built to last. Last of all, the kit is fairly priced.
Are you looking for other types of crimping tools? Check iCrimp:a leading platform for quality and affordable crimping tools for various types of connectors, from Deutsch connectors and battery cable lugs to pre-insulated crimp terminals. Lastly, iCrimp offers different crimping tools, from hand ratcheting crimpers to bench-mounted crimping tools and pneumatic crimping machines.

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