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Pneumatic crimper

What is a Pneumatic Crimper?

Crimping requires specific tools that apply pressure to terminals to make crimp connections. However, different types of terminals and wires require different types of crimpers. Pneumatic crimpers are one of the common types of crimping tools used in various applications in light and heavy-duty crimping work. What exactly is a pneumatic crimping tool, and how does it work?

What is a Pneumatic Crimping Tool?

A pneumatic crimping tool (also called a pneumatic crimper) is a machine/tool whose primary purpose is to join terminals to cables or wires to form a solid and reliable connection. Unlike other common handheld crimping tools, pneumatic crimpers use compressed air to apply pressure/force to make crimp connections. It’s equipped with a pneumatic system (an air compressor, regulator, and hoses/pipe) to deliver compressed air. Also, modern pneumatic crimping tools tend to be versatile and come with interchangeable die sets to allow crimping of different ferrules/ terminals of various sizes.

How Does a Pneumatic Crimper Work?

The above-outlined three pneumatic system components must be connected to a pneumatic crimper to operate properly. Therefore, start by connecting the air pipes from the air compressor to the foot/hand pedal and others from the pedal to the pneumatic machine. The air compressor is the source of compressed air, and the pedal regulates the air to the pneumatic machine via the air pipes.
The next step entails installing a suitable set of dies with the right jaws for the terminals you intend to crimp. You should then insert your terminal/connector into the wire. The next step entails positioning and aligning the connector with the wire on the pneumatic crimper’s jaws for crimping.
Then, press the foot pedal to trigger/activate the pneumatic system to flow air into the pneumatic crimper’s cylinder to create a force for crimping. This force is responsible for moving the crimping die (opening and closing) to press against the terminal and wire assembly. That pressure helps the jaws of the die deform the terminals to make a connection with the wire strands.
The best part is that pneumatic crimpers have a control system to help you adjust the amount of pressure/force needed to crimp.
Here is a video illustrating how to use a pneumatic crimping machine.

Where are Pneumatic Crimpers Used?

Pneumatic crimping tools are used in a wide range of industries where electrical connections are critical. These industries include:

1. Automotive

Pneumatic crimpers are used to make connections in wiring harnesses of automotive systems.

2. Aerospace

They are used in aircraft assembly to create electrical connections in the wiring system.

3. Telecommunication

Pneumatic crimping tools help create connections to power networks and transmit signals reliably.

4. Industrial machinery

They are essential for creating wire/cable connections for electrical systems and sensors of industrial machinery.

5. Appliance and electronics manufacturing

They are used to crimp terminals to wires/cables of appliances and electronics to create electrical connections for internal wiring and sensors.

Other industries where applying pneumatic crimpers is common include HVAC and medical device manufacturing.

What are the Benefits of Pneumatic Crimpers?

1. Ease of use

Pneumatic crimping tools are user-friendly and don’t require much training

2. Speed

Crimping with a pneumatic machine is quick, thus allowing you to make many crimp connections fast.

3. Versatility

Often, pneumatic crimping machines have an interchangeable set of dies that allow crimping terminals/connectors of various sizes.

4. Consistency

Pneumatic crimpers are quite precise in discharging crimping force, resulting in consistent results when creating connections.

Final Thought

Pneumatic crimpers are quite reliable tools that use compressed air to make tight and secure crimp connections. As a result, they’re used across various industries, from appliance manufacturing and automotive to industrial machinery.
iCrimp offers professionals and DIY enthusiasts various types of pneumatic crimpers with outstanding features that make it easy to crimp light and heavy-duty terminals.




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