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PEX crimp vs. PEX press

What Is the Difference Between PEX Press and PEX Crimp?

PEX pipes have become popular in the plumbing industry due to their affordability and ease of work. Another good part is that PEX pipes are versatile and can be installed in different ways, such as crimping, expansion fitting, clamping, and press fitting. Nearly, all these fitting techniques are mechanical; thus, they require unique tools.
This post explores two fitting methods that are closely related but are also different, i.e., PEX crimp and PEX press connections. What are their differences, and what should you choose? Keep reading down here to find out.

What is a PEX Crimp Connection?

Crimping is often considered the standard way of making PEX-to-PEX pipe connections or fitting PEX pipe with other pipe materials, such as copper pipe. To make PEX crimp connections, you require crimp fittings (often made of brass or Polly-alloy), crimp rings (made of stainless steel or copper), and a PEX crimping tool (like the iCrimp 1/2"CL PEX Pipe Crimping Tool).
Since PEX crimping is a common method, it’s compatible with nearly all PEX pipes (A, B & C) except PEX-al-PEX pipes. Testing PEX crimp connections is also pretty easy and can be done immediately after installation. Besides, it’s an inexpensive method of joining PEX pipes.
Here is a simple guide on how to use a PEX crimping tool.

Advantages of PEX Crimp Connections

1. Easy to install and doesn’t require expertise. 

2. Crimp connectors restrict water flow, thus lowering bursting pressure.

3. It’s a heat and corrosion-resistant connection. 

4. Strong and leak-free connection. 

5. There is a wide range of crimp fittings.

6. One PEX crimping tool can be sufficient for various pipe sizes, especially if you get one with interchangeable dies or adjustable jaws like the iCrimp IWS-FAS PEX Pipe Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit

Disadvantages of PEX Crimp Connections

1. It’s less if you make errors during installation.

2. Removing copper rings from a connection isn’t easy and may require a special tool like the iCrimp PEX-1210C Ring Removal Tool

3. You need to apply a lot of force to make a secure crimp connection. 

What is a PEX Press Connection?

A PEX press connection is someway similar to a PEX crimp connection. However, a significant difference is on the fitting, i.e., the press fittings are structured in a way that they don’t require outer rings like it’s the case for crimp fittings (often, the press fitting comes with the sleeves already attached). PEX press connections are applicable in all PEX pipes, including PEX-al-PEX pipes. You’ll also require a special tool, specifically a PEX press tool, to make secure connections. A perfect example of a PEX press tool is the IWS-1632A Multi-azimuth Pipe Pressing Tool.

Advantages of PEX Press Connections

1. Easy and fast to install, helping you save time and money. Installing PEX press fittings is straightforward and requires minimal expertise. 

2. Versatility and compatibility. PEX press connections can be used in a wide range of plumbing applications and with all types of PEX pipes. 

3. The PEX press connections tend to be corrosion-resistant, especially if the fitting used is made of stainless steel. 

Disadvantages of PEX Press Connections

1. PEX press fittings work best with smaller sizes of pipes and are not suitable for pipes with a larger diameter. 

2. Least common types of PEX connection 

PEX Crimp vs. PEX Press: Differences

  PEX Crimp PEX Press
Ease of installation Easy to install with the proper crimping tool Easy and fast to install, then PEX crimp
Durability and corrosion resistance Crimp connections tend to be more durable and very secure. Most crimp connections made of plastic and stainless steel fittings and copper rings are corrosion-resistant PEX press connections are fairly durable. However, those made of brass can easily corrode over time
Versatility Suitable for PEX A, B, and C piping only More versatile as it can be used with nearly all types of PEX pipes
Cost PEX crimp is an economical option when dealing with PEX pipes. Fitting is popular and readily available. PEX crimping tools are also affordable and can come with interchangeable jaws PEX press is more expensive than PEX crimp. Also, PEX press tools tend to cost more than crimping tools

Final Thought 

PEX pipes have become an ideal choice of piping for residential and commercial uses. Besides, there are different ways to make PEX connections. Crimping is one of the common and reliable methods of making crimp connections. Pressing is another method, but it’s less popular.
However, each of these PEX connection methods requires unique tools. To crimp, you need a PEX crimping tool; to press, you need a PEX pressing tool. Here is the best part; iCrimp has a variety of PEX pipe pressing and crimping tools at affordable prices.




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