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Deutsch DT Connectors

How to Connect Deutsch DT Connectors

Deutsch connectors are among the common types of connectors used in making cable connections in various general-purpose applications across most industries. They feature great designs and are renowned for their durability and reliability. Another thing people like about Deutsch DT connectors is that they’re easy to assemble.
This article outlines a step-by-step process for connecting Deutsch connectors to create reliable and secure electrical connections.

Tools and Materials Needed

It is quite crucial for you to gather all the necessary tools and materials needed before starting the process. They include:

1. Deutsch DT connectors: Ensure you’ve both male and female halves and corresponding terminal pins. Also, decide whether you’ll be using stamped or solid pins.
2. A Deutsch DT connector crimping tool: For solid Deutsch terminal pins, use a tool like the iCrimp HD-2612 Deutsch Crimping Tool and for stamped Deutsch contacts/pins, a tool like the iCrimp IWC-1424AN Crimping Tool is ideal.
3. Wire of proper gauge: Cavities of the Deutsch DT connectors are often marked with letters/numbers showing the gauge of the wire to use.
4. Wire stripper: It helps remove wire insulation on the wire.
5. Wire cutter: It’s essential for cutting wire into the needed length.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Connect Deutsch DT Connectors

 1. Prepare the Wire 

Start by measuring the length of the wire needed and use your wire cutter to make a clean cut. Then, use a wire stripper to remove insulation (about ¼ inch of the wire) on the ends of a wire and expose a section of the conductor where you’ll be crimping the Deutsch DT terminal pins. Alternatively, you can use a multifunctional tool like the iCrimp IWS-D10 Wire Stripper/Cutter that features a wire cutter and stripper on a single tool.

2. Crimp Deutsch DT Terminal Pins 

The next step entails crimping terminal pins that will be used in assembling the Deutsch DT connectors. Slide the stripped end of the wire into the terminal pins. Then, position the terminal pins onto the right jaws of the crimping tool. Also, ensure the wire and the terminal pin stay aligned properly before crimping. Once all that is set, you can squeeze the handles of your crimping tool to make a nice crimp, creating a secure and tight electrical connection.
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3. Install the terminal pins to the Deutsch DT Housing 

Insert the crimped terminal pin from the back side into the housing (often called half) of the Deutsch DT connectors. Push the pin until you hear a clicking/snapping sound. You can as well use a Deutsch insertion tool to help you push the terminal pin into place.
It’s worth noting that Deutsch DT connectors come in two halves, i.e. the female and male; therefore, ensure the terminal pins/ sockets are properly aligned and inserted in the correct half.
After installing all your terminal pins into the housing, insert the wedge lock into place. It helps lock the pins into place and still ensure proper alignment. On DT and DTM 2-way receptacles, the wedgelock is inserted in a way that aligns with the flat inside of the connector. On DT series 3-way receptacles, the arrow of the wedge points towards the exterior locking mechanism.

4. Mate, the Deutsch DT connectors

The next step entails connecting the male and female halves (plug and receptacle) of the Deutsch DT connectors. Push them together until you hear a click. The click shows that both are connected securely and locked into place; thus, you have a good electrical connection.

Final Thought

Connecting Deutsch DT connectors is a pretty straightforward process, as explained above. However, you need the right tools for the job to do it effectively and create reliable electrical connections. Are you looking to start your next project? iCrimp is a leading and reliable platform providing professionals and DIY enthusiasts with Deutsch DT connectors crimping tools, Deutsch DT connectors kits, wire cutters and wire strippers for various wire sizes. Click here to explore a wide range of our quality and ergonomically designed products.


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