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What is a Hand Crimping Tool Used For?

When it comes to making reliable and effective wire/cable connections, crimping is one of the most popular methods used in most applications. Crimping is also cost-effective and gives consistent results when creating connections. To make crimp connections, you require a special tool called a crimper or crimping tool. These tools are of different types, but a handheld crimper is one of the most used tools by professionals.
As the name suggests, a hand crimping tool is operated using hands to compress connectors/terminals on the wire’s conductor. A typical hand crimper is designed with two handles. Its compactness makes it quite portable. Some hand crimpers may have additional features such as interchangeable jaws/dies, ratcheting mechanisms, and safety release features. Examples of such crimpers are the iCrimp ICP-125 Handy Ratchet Wire Crimping Tool for heat shrink connectors and the iCrimp SN-02C Wire Crimper.
Hand crimpers are pretty versatile and effective in a wide range of applications. Let’s explore some key uses of hand-crimping tools.

Uses of Hand Crimping Tools

1. Electrical Wiring and Connections 

A crimping tool is regarded as one of the essential tools for electricians: it’s highly needed to create secure and reliable electric connections in most electrical work, especially installations and repairs. A hand crimper is quite beneficial to electricians, especially when making wire connections and terminations in tight spaces. Briefly, handheld crimpers are quick and efficient tools for handling electrical wiring and connections.

2. Automotive wiring and repairs 

Hand-crimping tools are useful in the automotive industry. Professionals in this industry use hand crimpers such as the iCrimp SN-PM Ratcheting Crimper Tool Kit and iCrimp IWC-1424B Delphi Weather Pack Crimper in automotive electrical work, especially repairs and installation. Among the key areas where this type of crimping tool is utilized is making wire connections in stereo systems, lighting, and other electrical components that use DT connectors. Hand crimpers such as the iCrimp IWS-QC Wire Crimping Tool are handy when making terminals for battery cable lugs.

3. Network cabling 

Network cabling is another field where hand crimping tools are widely used to make cable connections for network and telecommunication systems. For instance, certain hand crimpers help technicians crimp RJ45 and RJ11 connectors to network cables.

4. Electronic manufacturing and repairs 

Hand crimping tools are widely used in the electronic industry: they are used in producing and repairing electronic devices. For instance, hand crimpers are used to crimp terminals to wires to create reliable connections in appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, printers, etc. Examples of reliable crimpers used in this field include the iCrimp SN-28B Dupont Crimping Tool and the iCrimp IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimping Tool.

5. PEX pipe connections 

Crimping is also a popular connection method in the plumbing industry: it helps create PEX pipe connections. Hand crimpers like the iCrimp CL PEX Crimping Tool are designed to crimp copper crimp rings on PEX tubing and fittings to create tight and reliable connections during pipe installations and repairs.

6. DIY projects 

For a DIY project to succeed, you’ll need the right tools for different tasks. A hand crimper is vital for projects involving electrical work, particularly wire termination and connections. These tools allow DIY enthusiasts (including those with minimal skills) to create secure and reliable electrical connections when undertaking their projects.

Bottom line

Hand crimping tools are essential in creating reliable and tight connections in various applications across many industries, from electrical work and DIY projects to plumbing. However, choosing the appropriate hand crimper for your project is always important. For instance, when choosing a hand crimping tool for electrical work, consider factors such as the wire size and the type of terminals/connectors (insulated or uninsulated) you’ll be working with.
iCrimp is a reliable partner for all types of hand crimping tools for different applications, such as automotive wiring, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

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